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Corporate/Business Travel

Corporate / Business Travel

Create the right impression for visiting clients by having them met by a professional chauffeur. We can arrange for all your corporate travel requirements from airport transfers to meetings in Central London or anywhere in the uk. If your employees are travelling by plane for business, ensure that they are not driving when they are tired by booking a car to take them to or from the airport.

Take advantage of the saving that can be made by having a car take two or more passengers. Our rates are based per car so compared to the cost of the train you can arrange for a far more cost effective and convenient way to travel. There are more advantages to the train: first of all the car collects you from the door of your home or office - there's no travelling to the train station required or the cost of parking; the interior of the cars is certainly quieter than the trains at motorways speeds; plus there is no loss of mobile phone reception that you would get in tunnels and more importantly on the London Underground, so you are contactable at all times.

Passengers can travel in the knowledge that their luggage is safely stored in a locked boot and their laptops are accessible in the back of the car. They can be charged in the car if necessary using the provided adapters that plug into the cigarette lighter socket. Certainly you and your property are a lot safer in the car than when you are standing on a train platform or walking on the street. One of the main benefits is that you are able to travel to your own schedule and not that of a train timetable.

If clients are working away from home and staying overnight in a hotel, it may be necessary to check luggage into the hotel before a meeting. Envoy Cars chauffeurs will be happy to do this, allowing your client to be dropped straight off at the meeting/office. Similarly the luggage can be checked-out the following day before your client is picked up.